Hozelock Voluntarily Recalls EasyClear

Recall Summary: Hozelock has initiated a voluntary product recall. Through product testing, we recently learned that some of our EasyClear product do not meet our internal safety requirements. There is no immediate risk to the health or safety of consumers. In order to eliminate any residual risk to our customers we are recalling the products manufactured between 16th September 2015 up to and including 8th November 2017.

Consumers will have their recalled EasyClear collected by one of our agents and will receive a replacement product.


Products:  Below is a list of the impacted EasyClear

Important: Manufacture dates affected:

16th September 2015 up to and including 8th November 2017


Serial numbers affected:

200916 to 221108


Only the items listed within the specified manufacture date are recalled, no other serial numbers are affected by this recall.


Issue: There have been a small number of product failures in the UK where it was identified that in certain conditions the UV lamp/quartz tube sub assembly may react abnormally. It has been confirmed that failures have only been identified within the UK product range and there are no reported incidents from the European or Australian EasyClear product range.

Remedy: Hozelock will provide a replacement EasyClear at no cost to every consumer who returns the potentially affected product.

What to do next: Consumers in possession of one of these EasyClear products should carefully review the following instructions on this page. You will be asked to verify by entering the model number & serial number of your product.  Please refer to the following images to locate your model & serial number. If your product is affected, you will then be able to register for a replacement product.  



  1. Turn off your EasyClear before handling it. As detailed in the instructions when handling the EasyClear ensure you wear eye protection and suitable gloves.

  2. If your EasyClear is located in your pond, do not use the electrical cable to lift the unit as this may cause damage. If a lifting cord was fitted to the hook feature on the base, use this to remove it out of the pond as detailed in the instructions.
    In the event that a lifting cord was not fitted, remove the EasyClear by holding the main body only, do not use the shroud/turret. Place it on its side to drain off any excess water.

  3. Press the grey buttons at the front of the EasyClear. This allows the lid to come away.

4.  In this front section you will find the CE label          detailing product information. Here you will find the Product Model number and the 6-digit serial number.

Should your product fall within the affected serial number range please place your EasyClear to one side in a safe position where it cannot be handled by other adults or children.


Contacts: For more information and instructions on how to return product and receive replacement, please review our FAQ section. Should you have further questions about this recall please contact our Consumer Hotline: 0121 313 1122. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to: feedback@hozelock.com.


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